Online Marketing for Your Bethany Beach Home

Bethany Beach, Delaware, currently has roughly the same number of prospective buyers as homes listed on the market—meaning that the market is relatively balanced.
With that said, it’s still possible to get your asking price when selling Bethany Beach luxury real estate. It’s crucial to have a digital listing and to be as informed as possible on how potential buyers respond to it. One of the best ways to add value to your digital listing is to work with a savvy, local real estate agent and to use an online marketing plan to ensure your home reaches your ideal buyers.
Below are some expert tips on effectively marketing Bethany Beach luxury homes.

Take Professional Photos and Video

Potential luxury buyers in Bethany Beach will likely be introduced to your home online, either through social media or your realtor’s website. To ensure your luxury home makes a great first impression, have high-quality, professional images and videos taken before listing. These can be used for your digital listing, social media ads, and an online tour. High-quality pictures and videos show off all your home’s best qualities and ensure that any prospective buyers of Bethany Beach luxury homes will see your home at its best. Potential buyers are much more likely to schedule an in-person tour when the online images and videos of your home are crystal clear and strategically taken.

Create a Social Media Ad Campaign

More than ever before, potential buyers are finding real estate via social media. An effective social media ad campaign will target your ideal buyer depending on their age, gender, income level, and location. Social media ad campaigns can be time-intensive and take knowledge and experience to operate. It’s best to work with an experienced Bethany Beach real estate agent who is adept at using social media to market homes or who works with a dedicated social media marketing team.

Write Detailed Descriptions

Online listings can never anticipate a specific buyer's needs in regard to touring a potential property. Thus, it’s vital to craft a comprehensive description of your home to include in your online listing, so potential buyers can get the whole picture of your Bethany Beach home. If you are unsure where to start, take a look at the descriptions of similarly priced/located luxury homes. Pay attention to the language used, the amount of content in the listing, and calls to action. Though most Bethany Beach real estate agents will offer to write the descriptions for you, you know your home best and will be able to fill in the details for them. Point out your favorite selling points and unique features, and make sure to include any renovations, upgrades, or repairs that have been done to the home.

Share With Your Personal Connections

You likely have a built-in network of social media users on your personal profile that can be tapped into when selling your home. Share social media posts made by your agent on your personal page and encourage your friends and followers to re-share. The more people who are exposed to your listing, the greater your chances of booking more showings and getting more offers on your property. It’s always a great idea to network within your circle.

Have a Landing Page

Real estate landing pages are standalone pages designed to market your home and convert traffic into leads. Landing pages should be visually attractive, full of vital information, and have a clear call to action such as “Book a showing now!” When you work with Joseph Connor, your property will have a dedicated page, like this one for 946 Turtle Drive. This page can be linked on social media and newsletters to help promote your property.

Virtually Stage It

Experienced Bethany Beach real estate agents know that the value of professionally staging a home before the listing cannot be overestimated. But if you are relying heavily on an online campaign for selling your home, you can stage your home for a much lower cost and with the same reward through virtual staging. This process involves using photoshop to digitally furnish your space. Not only is virtual staging less expensive than traditional staging, but it’s also much more flexible, as the sky's the limit regarding what type of decor you can choose. This is a great tactic for marketing your Bethany Beach home online.
When selling a luxury home near Bethany Beach, be sure to work with a local real estate agent to guide you through the details of online marketing. When you’re ready to list, reach out to tech-savvy and experienced realtor Joseph Connor for expert assistance. From pre-listing to closing, Joseph will make sure your Bethany Beach home has a robust online profile to show off its best, most luxurious attributes.

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